Our Beautiful Boy

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Born To Love Thunder -
many thanks to Nancy Reyns of Born To Love - we are so excited to have him with us.

He is adorable, gentle and sweet natured, with a confident, playful personality.
He is an extremely large boy and we are looking forward to his future partnerships with our girls!

Thunder will be at closed stud and will only breed with our girls and the girls of our associate breeder Julie Hawes of Blutiluca.

Born to Love Thunder
DOB 16 September 2012
Type Red Silver Mackerel Tabby
Breeder Nancy Reyns, Born To Love
Sire Racoone Don Pablo di Marco
Dam Born To Love Illusion
About Thunder is a beautiful boy. A large lad with big boning and strong muzzle, with an impressively long tail. He is a confident but sweet and gentle boy, with buckets of personality!
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