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If you would like to be considered for a kitten please get in contact and please have a read through our kitten section below.

August 2015 - Freya's kittens
Freya and Thunder has joined forces to produce five beautiful kittens, three gorgeous little girls and two handsome boys
Lilyknocket Lily
February 2014 - Lily's kittens
Well done Lily she has given birth to two gorgeous little girls and the proud daddy is our very own Thunder.
Lilyknocket Lily
November 2013 - Freya's kittens
Congratulations to Freya - she has given birth to three gorgeous kittens - one boy and two girls. She is a brilliant mum and loving her new babies.
Lilyknocket Lily
July 2013 - Logan's kittens
We are thrilled Logan has given birth to five gorgeous kittens - three boys and two girls.
Lilyknocket Lily
February 2013 - Lily's kittens
Lily has given birth to five gorgeous kittens - three boys and two girls.
Lilyknocket Lily
May 2012 Freya's kittens
Freya has given birth to five beautiful kittens - four boys and one girl.
Freya was partnered with Blutiluca Michele Alpurreto - Mikki. A beautiful red and white tabby boy, owned by Julie Hawes of Blutiluca.
Lilyknocket Lily
April 2012 - Lily has two kittens
Lily has two beautiful kittens! A brown mackerel tabby girl with white and also red classic tabby boy. Everyone is doing well and the two new little ones are adorable and growing fast.
Lilyknocket Lily

Are you interested in one of our kittens?
When enquiring about a kitten please initially give details about yourself, where you live etc. We are sure you agree cats and especially Maine Coons deserve special homes only. We believe in making sure each kitten has the right home. This approach means that kittens are content and happy animals, this takes care and consideration from both parties. We like to make sure that our kittens can interview you and ensure they are happy around their potential new guardians. Therefore we do not place kittens solely by phone or email, and we have the final say on any new home for our kittens.

Indoor or cat safe gardens preferred.

About our kittens
All our kittens are raised in our home, as part of the family and come fully vaccinated with four weeks free insurance and their individual five generation pedigree. All kittens will be at least 13 weeks old before they go to their new homes.

Our kittens are sold on the condition they are neutered or speyed at approximately six months old.

Kitten info

Feed her kitten food

Feed her a variety of foods

Make sure whatever you feed your kitten is good quality

Feed her small, frequent meals

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Maine Coons
Maine Coons are one of the largest breeds of domestic cat, known as gentle giants with above average intelligence. Always playful, inquisitive, loyal and affectionate, relaxed, clownish, yet dignified. They are chatty and thoughful, making ideal companions and family pets.
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