Our Luscious Ladies

We have four Maine Coon breeding girls, They are all beautiful, bold, bright with
bubbly enthusiastic personalities and superb mum's to their little ones.

Lilynocket Kissy Suzuki aka Kissy
DOB 19 November 2013
Type Black Tortie Smoke with White
Breeder Barbara and Nicky Taylor, Lilynocket
Sire Coonattack Eyesbear Arctic Storm Song
Dam Lunaris Out of My Dreams aka Freya
About Kissy is a sweet natured girl & an excellent mum. She has good structure, a strong muzzle and fine features.
Lilynocket Never Say Goodbye aka Logan
DOB 24 April 2012
Type Black Spotted Tabby and White
Breeder Barbara and Nicky Taylor, Lilynocket
Sire Alisika Jonny Begood
Dam Mainetrax Brightstar Tygerlily
About She is a beautiful girl with large boning, a strong muzzle and large tufted ears
Lunaris Out of My Dreams aka Freya
DOB 15 May 2011
TypeBlack Tortie Blotched Tabby
Breeder Jean and Ron Brown, Lunaris
Sire Alisika Jonny Begood
Dam Lunaris Oklahoma
Mainetrax Brightstar Tygerlily aka Lily
DOB 5 April 2010
Type Black Silver Tortie Blotched Tabby & White
Breeder Tammy and Roger Kemp, Mainetrax
Sire Mainetrax Hendrix
Dam Mainetrax Narnia Cair Paravel
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Maine Coons
Maine Coons are one of the largest breeds of domestic cat, known as gentle giants with above average intelligence. Always playful, inquisitive, loyal and affectionate, relaxed, clownish, yet dignified. They are chatty and thoughful, making ideal companions and family pets.
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